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Hip-hop Dance Studio
Hip-hop Dance Studio
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casual dance classes

for all ages and levels


love to dance? can't sit still when music is playing? looking to better your fitness, coordination and have fun?

*open to the public* everyone welcome come dance!

Lucid Moves is dedicated to ensuring there is a place for every level dancer within their community which is why we run casual classes designed for the beginner to intermediate levels to learn new skills, basic fundamentals of Hip-hop and gain fitness though urban choreography classes. 

Our classes are suited to the ages from 3yrs old - 18+ years old and we run our classes in blocks of 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hr or 1.5 hrs with dedicated age groups and levels. To make it easy to book in and reserve a spot we use a system called PunchPass, this is our online class portal that lets you book and pay for classes in advance or on the fly easily. We recommend always booking in advance as our classes book out quickly.

every expert was once a BEGINNER take the leap!


A culture and dance style created in the 70s. Originally just party grooves and breakdance, hip-hop now is an umbrella for all street dance styles. This includes styles such as urban choreography, popping, locking, waacking, krump and House. Our "Hip-hop" classes teach the foundations through sharing sets of choreography - kids will learn a new routine every week or two and work on perfecting it.


A type of hip-hop that focuses on choreography, body movement and being in sync - similar to what you see in Rap, R&B and hip-hop music videos. Focused on learning a new routine every week or two and work on perfecting it.


For those urban dancers that want to start getting work! This classes can be girly at times but really encompasses choreography that you would be taught doing stage performances, back up dancing or shows. Each class you will learn a new routine and the focus is on pick up, executing and performing it at the end.

masterclass / workshops

Every week we host a special class where we ask a outside teacher to come and share with our students at lucid. This class is an advanced level class and the content varies depending on the teacher visiting. We try to provide our lucid community with some of the best teacher around not only Brisbane but Australia and international when we can too.

open jam

This is when we open the studio up and dancers are welcome to come in to use the studio to "Jam". This could include freestyle, drill training or making choreography. There is no class structure to this.




5b Veronica St, Capalaba QLD 4157
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