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Started in 2016, Lucid Moves was created as a company to help inspire, grow and connect the dance community. After traveling to LA and training, Rhys found such a gap in the passion, love and understanding of dance here and while his original plan was to just share his passion and knowledge with the original Lucid
Minds team, after holding his first "Back From LA" workshop Rhys new there was a much bigger need and hence Lucid Moves was created. The whole idea of Lucid Moves is to be something different then just a dance
company or a studio. Lucid Moves is a team, a community, and a network of individuals. Whether Beginner or Advanced we hope one day to be able to connect all who love dance; through things like online videos, dance events, classes, workshops, etc. We believe that while competitions are a lot of fun they are also not the be all and end all, and our hope is to grow dancers and connect them to paying gigs in the industry and the outside world.

After now running the original Lucid Moves program for 2 years we are excited to level up all our dance in what we think is one of the best dance programs in Brisbane. Our dancers trained with over 30 different choreographers/teachers and placed highly among several competitions over the year. We are excited to
now take this program to the next level partnering with Velocity Fitness and Health and splitting out development program into different levels.

Lucid Moves started as and will always be a positive uplifting family studio where dancers can come and express themselves in a safe environment. Our hope is to not only cultivate the next generation of amazing dancers but also amazing humans with in the community.


Owner / Senior Dance Instructor / Choreographer


Rhys Hume started dancing at the age of 10 and quickly fell in love with not only the cool dance moves but also the whole culture that surround Hip-hop and Street dance. After performing with dance crews his whole life Rhys began to travel to LA to gain a greater knowledge of hip-hop and really saw how different the culture is where Hip hop and street dance culture was born. Hip-hop is more than a dance, it is a lifestyle, it is a community and it is hope. After returning and teaching around Brisbane and holding workshops it was apparent to Rhys that the true hip-hop culture of Peace, Love, Unity and Fun was lacking, and that a couple of classes/workshops were not big enough to change that… which is when Lucid Moves was Born.

Rhys grew up as that kids with “two left feet” and hence really preaches hard work, determination and practice for all those dancers that it just doesn’t come naturally for. He also believes that in order to be the best dancer you can be you must also be the best human you can be, treating others and yourself with love, respect and positivity.

Rhys has also had some amazing opportunities throughout his dance career other then Lucid Moves. At the age of 19 he was booked on a 3-month contract in China to dance behind some of the biggest Chinese artists at the time. He was apart of Sole Studios SoleFam that placed 1st at Dancers Paradise in Mexico. He has taught internationally: Snowglobe (Los Angeles, USA),  UnitedTalent (Kentucky, USA), Elevate Dance Studio (Las Vegus, USA) and Studio604 (Vancouver, CAN).

Rhys’ favourite quote is “to give less than your best is to waste the gift” and is one of the core values he runs lucid by.


5b Veronica St, Capalaba QLD 4157
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